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June Newsletter 2024

We have, to date, served 286 learners this year. We’re averaging 195 active learners each month (compared to 182 per month last year). We’ve been able to bring our waitlist down to below 40–but the writing is on the wall: Berkshire County is full of people eager to learn English! Our need is critical, and we hope you’ll share this message with anybody who might be interested in tutoring.

We are excited about all this activity, by the eagerness of our learners and the way that our tutors are leaning in. Some are offering to work with two learners; some are meeting their learners twice a week; others are volunteering to provide group instruction. When the motivation of our learners is met by the dedication of our tutors, the power of their partnership is palpable. We look forward to sharing the fruits of their efforts next month, once we’ve analyzed our second quarter of tutor reports.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

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