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About ESOL Tutoring

To enable learners to communicate effectively in English, we encourage them to develop skills in these four skill areas:

  • Listening: receiving and understanding information spoken by others
  • Speaking: conveying information verbally to others
  • Reading: receiving and understanding written information
  • Writing: conveying written information to others

Other concepts of language that play a role in the learner’s development, strengthening of the skill areas, and overall ability to communicate are:

  • Grammar structures: using appropriate grammar and patterns to convey meaning verbally or in writing
  • Vocabulary: using appropriate words to convey meaning verbally or in writing
  • Pronunciation: speaking words as naturally as possible so that you are understood by other English speakers

Your learner will have been assessed by LitNet before he/she comes to you. This will give you an approximate level.  However, evaluation is very much an ongoing process, and you must get to know your learner to identify his/her unique needs and difficulties. Talk with him/her, and especially,  listen.

Use each of the buttons below to explore links to different types of activities in order to develop your learner’s communication skills. If something works well, please tell us about your success! If it’s not working, just try something new and don’t hesitate to contact us. Every English Language Learner is different and there are many approaches that can lead to success.