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Advanced Resources


More than 5,000 stories on a variety of topics including STEM and language arts, with accompanying teaching materials. (Best for intermediate to advanced learners).

Commonly-Used American Slang

Database of more than 250 common slang expressions organized alphabetically.

Lesson Idea: Pick a handful, discuss the meaning, and then model in regular conversation.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Great place to brush up on grammar constructions and rationale.

English Idioms and Quizzes

Your go-to resource for hundreds of common English expressions.

Jokes and Riddles for the ESL Classroom

Collection of jokes and riddles to explore double-meanings and nuances of language.

Library Book Suggestions for ESOL Students

ESOL book suggestions by level compiled by Librarian and LitNet tutor Vicky Cooper.

Minimal Pairs

Pronunciation of minimal pairs by englishclub.com.

News for You Online

Weekly news and current events. Pick up the hard copy of the paper in the LitNet offices or use the online password 8AB48B. Listen and read along with the stories and use the teaching tips to build lessons.

The Times in Plain English

Current events and news in an easy-to-read format, with the layout of The New York Times.

Voice of America

Real news designed for English language learners. Great for intermediate to advanced students.

YouTube Channel: Learn English With Alex

Dozens of short videos on common grammar topics, introduced and explained by ESOL Teacher Alex. Each video also has a written transcript that students can follow along.

Lesson Idea: Use these videos as a fun way to introduce new grammar topics or reinforce the goals of a previous lesson.