LitNet’s Legacy Circle

Ensuring LitNet’s Impact on Future Generations

Since 1991, LitNet has partnered with over 6,000 adult learners to empower them to find their voices, navigate their daily lives, participate actively in the world of their children, and make positive changes in their lives. Above all, it gives our learners the tools to become an integral part of our Berkshire community. Without supporters like you, none of this work is possible.

"My tutor was there the day I got my diploma. I told him, 'This is for you. Because you believe in me.' I'll never forget his patience, what he had to do in order to support me, the time, and everything. He knows that I'm very grateful and I always will be."

"Lit Net has opened the door to so many opportunities for me. By giving me the confidence to apply for the type of job I have always wanted..."

"My tutor is the best teacher I have ever had. He is a mentor and friend. He supported me with positive energy. My favorite part is that he always tells me, 'Yes, you can do it.' LitNet provided a new path for me that made my life meaningful."

“…I learn new things from tutors every time we meet. I am more confident with my English, and I believe my English is constantly improving. LitNet has opened a door to improvement."

-- Invest in the future of our community and help it continue to thrive --

Coming this Fall, the Literacy Network Legacy Circle will include donors who are interested in continuing their financial support in perpetuity by including us in their estate plans. We invite you to become one of our Legacy Circle members with a bequest or your choice or another type of planned gift. For the donor, a planned gift provides a way to give beyond the use of current assets, and it often provides significant estate tax benefits.

Your bequest will allow LitNet to continue to provide our life-transforming services to adult learners in Berkshire County. LitNet tutor-learner partnerships empower adult learners to:

  • Receive a high school equivalency diploma 
  • Achieve college degrees or professional certifications 
  • Improve employment opportunities 
  • Enhance adaptability to a changing world 
  • Obtain US citizenship 
  • Increase self-esteem  
  • Enhance quality of life including strengthening parenting skills

When you include LitNet in your estate plans you are guaranteeing that LitNet is there for the next generation of adult learners seeking to become US Citizens, obtain their high school equivalency, achieve college degrees or professional certifications, move forward with meaningful careers, increase self-esteem and enhance adaptability to a changing world.

-- ​Our tutors are the lifeblood of LitNet and enable our learners to achieve their life goals. --

For more information on LitNet’s Legacy Circle, please contact our Executive Director Leigh Doherty, at [email protected] or 413-243-0471.