High School Equivalency Resources

In today’s society, having a high school diploma is critically important for reaching many personal and professional goals.  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) offers the High School Equivalency (HSE) Credential for anyone who did not graduate from high school.

For more on the HSE credential, please click here to visit the Massachusetts DESE website.

The Massachusetts High School Equivalency Credential is generally accepted by colleges, universities, and employers as exactly equivalent to a high school diploma.  Anyone seeking the credential must pass a state-approved exam.  Currently, in Massachusetts, test-takers have a choice:

Either the HiSET or the GED.

HiSET or GED: How to Decide?

Preparing for the high school equivalency exam is often a long process.  The first step is deciding which exam to take– will it be the HiSET or the GED?  The two tests measure the same type of educational content and skills; however, there are some differences in the test format, approach, and even cost.

DESE has prepared a helpful chart that compares the two tests, side-by-side.  Click here to view the chart.  

You can always contact LitNet staff to discuss your options for obtaining the high school equivalency credential. In addition to obtaining a tutor, LitNet can connect you with high school equivalency classroom programs run by the William Stickney Adult Learning Center and Northern Berkshire Adult Education Center.

Each testing program has an extensive website that contains information about the test, study resources, and an online registration system that is required to be used in order to sign up to take each test.