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Listening/Speaking Resources

10 Top Tongue Twisters

Easy, medium, and hard tongue twisters for honing pronunciation skills.

Lesson Idea: Pick one tongue twister and follow the suggested teaching instructions at the bottom of the page. Remember–these can be a challenge for ESOL students, but fun, too!

Classroom Activities – Pronunciation Worksheets

Variety of pronunciation worksheets at all levels available to download, including games, flash cards, tongue twisters, and activities for learning homophones.

Lesson Idea: Print out a worksheet or game to add a fun new twist to your lesson, or focus on a specific sound that is giving your student trouble.

Commonly-Used American Slang

Database of more than 250 common slang expressions organized alphabetically.

Lesson Idea: Pick a handful, discuss the meaning, and then model in regular conversation.

English Listening Lesson Library

English Listening Lesson Library Online with short audio clips and videos, scripted dialogue, grammar discussions, and comprehension quizzes. From beginner to advanced!

Lesson Idea: Select a clip and review the grammar. Listen to the segment and then teach the grammatical constructions involved. Use the grammatical structures to learn about each other. Encourage the student to ask you questions.

Minimal Pairs

Pronunciation of minimal pairs by englishclub.com.

Reader’s Theater Scripts and Plays

Short scripts; good for intermediate to advanced students.

Lesson Idea: Assign roles and read aloud to practice fluency, pronunciation, intonation.

Real English – English Lessons

Videos based on unscripted dialogue accompanied by exercises. From Beginner to Advanced. Choose a level that works for you!

Lesson Idea: Watch the video and answer the questions together. Write a dialogue together using the video as a model. Practice it together. Or ask the student to watch one video and do the exercises for homework.

The Chaos – Poem for Pronunciation

Clever poem highlighting “around 800 of the most awkwardly and counter-intuitively spelled words” in the English language.

Lesson Idea: Full of nuanced vocabulary and great for advanced students. Don’t try to tackle the whole thing at once! Memorize short stanzas and learn vocabulary.

This Is America – Mini-Novels For English Learners

Short, simple stories that are good for beginners. Includes text, audio, and exercises (vocabulary, fill-in-the-blank) at the bottom of each page.

Lesson Idea: Read aloud–take turns sharing sentences or paragraphs. Or the tutor can read and ask the student to take dictation. Read and ask comprehension questions.

Voice of America

Real news designed for English language learners. Great for intermediate to advanced students.

YouTube Channel: Learn English With Alex

Dozens of short videos on common grammar topics, introduced and explained by ESOL Teacher Alex. Each video also has a written transcript that students can follow along.

Lesson Idea: Use these videos as a fun way to introduce new grammar topics or reinforce the goals of a previous lesson.