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Meet Paloma!

My name is Paloma Suárez, and I am a former student of Literacy Network of South Berkshire.  I came to this country twelve years ago; growing up in the Dominican Republic showed me how extreme disparities between social classes, particularly regarding access to good food, can lead to higher incidences of disease.

Throughout half of my time in the United States, I have had the opportunity to work and live in the Berkshires.  I recently was accepted at Keene State College in New Hampshire to complete an accredited dietetic internship program, which is a program I have to complete to be eligible to sit for the national board registration examination to become a registered dietitian.


The Literacy Network of South Berkshire has helped my family and me tremendously.  This group of volunteers approaches the community of foreigners, not to reject them, but to show their love, to help them in their adaptation process, and to be part of their new surroundings.  The Literacy Network helped my father to pass his United States citizenship examination.  He is now a VERY PROUD U.S. CITIZEN!

Without the support of the Literacy Network I would have not been able to achieve one of my biggest academic goals.  Most importantly, I would like to thank them for believing in me even when I lacked the confidence to believe in myself.

My family and I are extremely grateful of all the support we have received; we can now say we have achieved the American Dream.

Thank You!