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December Newsletter 2023

Thank you for being a part of the LitNet family this year, whether you are a donor, a tutor, an admirer, or are/have been a beneficiary of LitNet’s work. Our one-on-one individualized tutoring and related educational programming are meant to transform lives–both individually and collectively–for the better. Together, we are opening doors of opportunity and empowering the community. Thank you for your part in this work.

As of this writing, LitNet has served 328 individuals in 2023, and has averaged about 184 active tutor-learner pairs each month. We welcomed 13 Keator Scholars as new Americans, and have celebrated many milestones, which we look forward to sharing in detail in our 2023 Impact Report, due out in early 2024. As you will notice, these numbers have already changed slightly since we made the slideshow below! LitNet’s learner population is constantly evolving.

I’m so pleased to share news of a few eleventh-hour grants that have come in at the end of the year, many in support of our First-Generation College Project, as you’ll see below. 

Finally, it’s not too late to give to our annual appeal! We depend on your generosity to keep doing what we do.

See you in 2024!

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